facilitates a broad range of business development, strategy and client development retreats.
Design and Planning - Our results-driven design of targeted retreats helps each client accomplish its objectives. We approach every client with a fresh perspective and have the ability to offer a variety of methods and styles of expert facilitation.
Sample Targeted Retreats and
Action Planning Sessions:
  • Management & Strategy
  • Business Development
  • Executive Committee
  • Board of Directors
  • Client Development - Sales
  • Client Services
  • Department - Practice Group
  • Product - Services Development
Our unique and effective storyboarding technique enables our clients to:
  • Use planning and decision-making time efficiently;
  • Set priorities
  • Gain consensus
  • Focus on primary goals and objectives
  • Utilize free and creative thinking
Contact us so we can custom design a program to fit your needs and achieve your objectives.
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