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Company Description
, a Boston-based facilitation and business development company, was founded in 1996 by Hollis Chase.

We recognize that every client is unique. The competitive nature of the marketplace requires that professional service firms of all sizes develop and implement plans to address client growth, client retention, demystification of the sales process and differentiation.

We pride ourselves in helping our professional services clients focus their efforts to generate success by developing workable business strategies. We provide action planning, retreat facilitation, training in client development skills, client strategy coaching, as well as accelerated decision making tools to help executives run more effective meetings.

Our unique client-driven approach, often using the storyboarding process, provides the structure to develop and deliver customized facilitation. This participatory, consensus driven process results in concrete plans, with clearly articulated deliverables, accountability and timeframes. We also provide a variety of valuable resources that specifically address the professional services provider.
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